Sunday, February 17, 2008

High school referendum: force Unified to be fiscally responsible

What's the saying? Poor planning on your part does not necessarily create an emergency on mine?

The self-labeled "high school overcrowding" referendum in the Kenosha Unified School District seeks to once again bail out a severely mismanaged school district.

Just for grins, what if voters approved the new high school but defeated the tax levy increase? Would that send a message to the inept school board?


Anonymous said...

Boy you talk about fiscal mismanagement, you are absolutely correct. The mismanagement runs far worst than people imagine. I refuse to vote in favor of a referendum when there is no real accountability it what is going on.
The residents of Kenosha should be calling for responsibility/accountability for the errors Unified makes.

Village People said...

I'm just wondering how the old and new schools will be seperated? I was under the impression that some of the kids currently at that site were there because they didn't 'fit' with the comprehensive school model. Will this cause issues with the two student populations having these two schools next to each other?

RAG said...

It's a good observation. Indian Trail is a specialty high school with four distinct "houses" -- biotechnology,communications, business and the military academy. Supposedly the "house" concept will be folded into the comprehensive school but I have concerns that it will destroy ITA.