Sunday, February 17, 2008

Fun poll: The Mark Jensen trial

Now that the Mark Jensen murder trial is wrapping up with final arguments expected on Monday, what's your prediction of the jury's verdict?

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PleasantPrairieWI said...

"FUN" with a murder trial.
Come on, Dick, this is not a game show.

RAG said...

Actually, some aspects are, Alex. Not uncommon for lawyers to use focus groups and jury consultants in major trials.

And, yes, sometimes there is "fun" in a murder trial -- and necessarily so.

In one particularly gory case I tried, the only relief for the jury came from the testimony of State Trooper Dave Torres, the first officer on the scene, in response to his familiarity with the Spanish language, the native tongue of the defendant.

Torres explained that it was spoken in his home when he was growing up and also noted, correctly, that "street Spanish" isn't the same as "textbook Spanish" and further some words can have dual meanings depending on the usage.

"For example," Torres said, "Esposas can mean either wives -- or handcuffs."

The jury, which had been exposed to days of blood and guts, let out a cackle of giggles.

Those of us who are experienced trial lawyers know that sometimes a little fun is very necessary.

Anonymous said...

Alex is true to form: he never was any fun.