Friday, February 8, 2008

Downtown Kenosha street scene

The above picture was taken tonight on 56th Street west of Sheridan Road in downtown Kenosha, a major street in front of the courthouse that carries significant vehicular and pedestrian traffic. The condition of this major street nearly two days after the end of the storm speaks volumes.
And yet there are other city streets in much better shape and the worst street in Pleasant Prairie rivals some of the best in the city.
The hard work of public works crews cannot be understated. It's grueling. But in the above instance, not only didn't the city keep up with the storm, it didn't do anything meaningful in terms of a cleanup.

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Anonymous said...

After nearly 20 years of living in Kenosha, this seriously substandard city snow removal is typical in all sorts of snowfalls ranging from small to large, in very snowy winters, as well as in not-as-snowy winters. In short, the city of Kenosha cannot seem to effectively manage snowfalls in comparison to every other municipality of any size in the area.

I have no doubt that the plow operators themselves work very hard, long hours. But they are following procedures that do not seem to be working. Clearly those who establish these procedures need to entirely revamp them.

Relatives drove up from Waukegan yesterday afternoon, and as usual, they reported to us that they could tell when they hit the city of Kenosha. Every other street they traveled between here & Waukegan was clear, they said. "What is wrong with Kenosha?" they once again asked.

I haven't yet been out this morning (Saturday), but 60th Avenue south of Hwy 50 was still abysmally clogged after dark Friday evening. For heaven's sake, this is a bus route & a commerce route (Ocean Spray, etc) 2 days after the snow stopped falling!

Just like those at the helm of KUSD who disregarded the forecast on Wednesday, the city of Kenosha seems to be disregarding the forecast of diving temperatures down to zero by this evening. The snow was soft, deep & slushy yesterday afternoon... in condition to be easily removed. What a mess this is going to be if it is not removed and left to freeze into solid ice tonight. Probably the same as what is likely to happen to 82nd St west of 60th Ave, which is also a bus route for our students.

You'd think in a big city election year, this issue would come up.