Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Does Chairman Rose want to become County Executive Rose?

Kenosha County Board Chairman Terry W. Rose says Allan Kehl, the county executive indicted by a federal grand jury this week as the latest domino in the Dennis Troha political influence scandal, should take a leave of absence until the matter is resolved.

At first blush it sounds like a plausible idea but let's take a closer look.

Under Wisconsin law, only the governor can remove Kehl and then only for cause. That's not likely to happen because an indictment is just an accusation and Kehl is presumed innocent.

The other rub is that state law only recognizes a temporary vacancy due to "the inability of the county executive to serve because of mental or physical disease." That's not the case so Rose's brainstorm is sinking faster than the housing market.

But, if that was the case, guess who would get to be the acting county executive?

The county board chairman -- none other than Terry Rose.

And if that doesn't set your mind spinning, guess who also would become acting county executive should the office become vacant and serve until a successor is appointed and then confirmed by the county board?

The county board chairman -- none other than Terry Rose.

And who gets to appoint the successor, subject to county board confirmation?

The county board chairman -- none other than Terry Rose.

Any questions?


Chrissy said...

What a guy!

Anonymous said...

Hey. If Rose had been hired as Kehl's mouthpiece, then he'd be saying Kehl is as pure as the driven snow!

chrissy said...

Ho! Ho! Ho!


GZPZ said...

Apparently Rose has an opinion from the Corporation Counsel that says what he wants to do can't be done so he wants the Corporation Counsel to get another opinion from the Attorney General. And Rose won't share the opinion.


Anonymous said...

County Board Chairman calls for Kehl's resignation


gzpz said...

Rose wants Kehl to resign? So Rose can appoint the successor?

OMG---how much more stink can Kenosha handle?