Friday, February 15, 2008

Cowardly Obama: hot air and not much else

Hate to say it but Hillary Rodham Clinton has a point: Barack Obama should debate her in Wisconsin.

But the Illinois Senator appears afraid to tackle hard issues in a one-on-one forum. In so doing he insults Wisconsin voters, especially those who've been taken in with slick talk.

Time for Obama to put up or shut up.

If he's such a coward that he can't face Hillary, how can Obama stand up to Osama?


Dad29 said...

YOU know and I know (as does anyone else who's been around the block) that HRC is getting desperate.

The top dog NEVER volunteers to debate--only the loser wants one.

RAG said...

Yeah, she's still right on this one.

RAG said...

Some southbound end of a northbound horse sent this:

"Why do you continually knock Democrats yet are such a big supporter of the Democrats at Village of Pleasant Prairie? Are you a Republican or not?"

I don't know if I should dignify this with a response. It clearly isn't worth a lot of time but suffice to say that I have never bothered in local, nonpartisan offices to ponder party affiliation of individual officials who are elected and serve as nonpartisans.

The Republican Party of Kenosha County wrongly chose to infuse financial support in nonpartisan races. Nothing wrong with individuals working with and for their friends and people they support, but there's a good reason for nonpartisan offices and the local party as an entity was totally wrong to interfere with that -- and that applies no matter who the candidate is.