Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Casino politics shameful

Anyone familiar with the classic flick Casablanca is bound to remember the scene where the police inspector is "shocked" that there's gambling going on at Rick's, a revelation followed by him receiving his winnings.

So perhaps it comes as no surprise that the smell of money was so enticing that we have our own casino scandal replete with admissions by Dennis Troha and two associates that they were involved in illegal campaign contributions which ostensibly were made to curry favor with the casino project.

This has been consistently perplexing. If the casino project is so beneficial to Kenosha and Wisconsin, why did Troha and his buddies feel it necessary to grease the skids? A project this beneficial should curry the favor of politicians gratis.

It simply doesn't make sense. But then we are poor students of history.

Back around 1990 the folks who won the license for Dairyland Greyhound Park -- a process fraught with allegations of corruption -- promised untold riches for the community. Few promises were ever kept.

A remarkably similar litany of virtues has been extolled for the casino project but if the past is any prediction of the future, those promises are likely to be largely unfulfilled.

Also remarkable is how well this community has progressed without the casino, a sure sign that we can get along nicely without one.

As for greedy politicians, we can also get along nicely without them.


Chrissy said...

Didn't the Kenosha News go whole hog in favor of the casino?

Wasn't DA Jambois' wife in charge of lobbying for the casino referendum?

Anonymous said...

OMG...will the signs at the state line be changed to read:

Welcome Ke-no-wha, home of the finest government money can buy.

chrissy said...

Where's the daily fish wrapper on this? The newspaper fawned all over the casino project, buying it hook, line and sinker.