Thursday, February 14, 2008

Carole Meekins: Twitwitnews newsie gives Obama a pass

WTMJ-TV's Carole Meekins did a sweetheart interview with Barack Obama, one that was billed as "exclusive" (meaning no other people were in the room at the time, I guess).

It was cream-puff stuff all the way. She never asked the tough questions, such as why in the three years he's been a United States Senator he hasn't introduced legislation to address the very things he's campaigning for (i.e., health care, education, more jobs at home). It's like they all get mesmerized by his rhetoric and are afraid to pin him down on why he's done nothing.

The same can be said for Hillary Clinton. Talks a good talk but what has she done about it?

Those are questions real journalists would ask. But Milwaukee hasn't seen many of them lately.

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Real Debate said...

Meekins is just a nes reader with a nice smile. I don't ever recall her asking a tough question.

Nothing new there.