Saturday, February 2, 2008

The bottled water ripoff needs to stop

There huge money in bottled water -- and the obscene profits are catching the attention of municipal governments considering restrictions on selling the overpriced and often stale beverage.

The quiet but much heralded O. Fred Nelson ran Kenosha's water utility for many years -- one of those public servants who believed actually being dedicated to public services. Fred took a lot of pride in the quality of Kenosha's water.

His successor, Ed St. Peter, has a similar streak, noting that the quality of city tap water often exceeds that in the bottles -- and telling the Kenosha News that city water never sits in a tank more than three days vs. up to three years for some bottled water.

And the cost? You could fill 2,156 water bottles with city water for a buck, less than what you'd pay for just one bottle at the airport.

Fair profit is fair profit but it's time for this price gouging to be stopped.


Anonymous said...


Right on with your anger, wrong on your solution.

This is a private transaction between a for-profit company and a willing buyer. If folks don't like the price, they should stop buying. I'm sure that we agree on full disclosure (such that the seller should disclose the source of the water). But to stop a legal transaction between 2 adults which harms neither? Nope.

Great blogging...keep up the good work.

Dad29 said...

You don't GET it.

"Aged" bottle water is obviously more valuable.

I'll bet you 2 bucks that that's what you'll be seeing on somebody's ad campaign soon...

And that a bunch of damn fools will pay up for it!

Anonymous said...

Like fine wine, eh?

I'll gladly pay the 2 bucks if we can get someone to advertise it that way!

Pretty funny.

I pay extra for bottled water, as long as it has hops in it.