Friday, February 22, 2008

What a choice Kenosha voters have

The race for Kenosha's next mayor has been narrowed to two candidates.

One, former Alderman Keith Bosman, appears to want to leave the city on auto pilot and whatever John Antaramian, the current mayor, does, he'll do. Interesting that in Wednesday's Kenosha News he's shown on the front page with casino mouthpiece Eric Olson whose tax and spend school board history is legendary.

The other choice is former mayor Pat Moran who walked away from the job and seems to want to repudiate the very course he set in motion when he was mayor. Moran promises a new direction but doesn't define what it will be (of course, Bosman hasn't defined himself either) and has ties to the tavern industry.

Some choice -- and neither of them has said a peep about the deplorable condition of city streets.

Slut a bunch of wheezeballs!

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