Monday, February 11, 2008

Beloit's new way of ice control worth a look

In Beloit, the salt truck spewing rock salt crystals into one lane is being replaced by a chemical spray that can cover up to three lanes, according to the Beloit Daily News. The liquid spray is augmented in colder temperatures with beet juice to increase its effectiveness as reported in this morning's Wisconsin State Journal.

Kenosha ought to give this new technology a serious look. Can't help but feel that almost anything would be an improvement over the status quo. Many city streets today are globs of thick, slippery ice -- a very dangerous situation, especially 10th Avenue near two schools. If they can't salt, then sanding would be in order. (Some communities mix salt and sand to save on salt.)


PleasantPrairieWI said...

Thanks for the quick followup to my blog on the same matter. Or was this independent? Your time stamp shows 8:14am. Is the time zone on your profile set to Central? There was no posting here on that early.

RAG said...

This was independent. I've also been tracking something the State of Montana does where, in advance of the storm, they spray a solution that makes it easier to remove snow with less salt. Not sure how well it works.

Village People said...

Too bad in the future we couldn't pump some of that steam from the power plant to pipes put under newly constructed roads. Seems like such a waste of energy. With beet juice on the roads and ethanol in the tank, we could have a nice smelling trip! Although it might lead to more stops at the convenince store.