Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Alexander Wiley and Mike Huckabee

Decades ago the Wisconsin GOP establishment turned its back on an aging Senator Alexander Wiley.

The Milwaukee Journal ran a picture of a dejcted Wiley walking away from the convention with his wife.

Wisconsinites saw that and taught the party a lesson by sending Wiley back to Washington.

The same thing may have happened to Mike Huckabee who was being badgered by Mitt Romney to drop out.

It's still a free country, Mitt, and you were utterly crass to forget that. And it sure seems like Bible Belt voters in the south picked up on this.

There are some things about Huckabee that make me wonder whether he could be the president of a pluralistic nation. But it's his absolute right to try.

And by the way, Huckabee earns some points for class, specifically promising to run a civil campaign.

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