Thursday, January 10, 2008

Why not Everett Butler for Kenosha's next mayor?

The primary battle for Kenosha's next mayor seems to be centering on two candidates: former Mayor Pat Moran and former Alderman Keith Bosman whom may have viewed as Mayor John Antaramian's "heir apparent."

The possibilities and problems of the various mayoral campaigns have been discussed here and, quite frankly, nobody really excites me. Pat Moran is a great guy but his accomplishments -- and there were quite a few -- are in the past and it's not clear that he has a progressive vision for the city's future.

Keith Bosman is hardly Mr. Excitement but he is picking up a lot of endorsements which are nice if you're a candidate but the endorsements really aren't grounded in substance versus affinity. I'm not sure that he has what it takes to be a strong mayor.

I've commented in the past that Alderman Everett Butler is also a great guy but I'm not sure about his vision for the city's future. He really needs to get working on articulating himself which may be his biggest downfall. On the flip side, Bosman was only an alderman for 13 years while Butler has served for 15 years. Both are former council presidents. As far as experience goes, it seems like a tossup between the two.

I hope Butler gets his campaign in gear and lets the voters hear more of his ideas. Maybe he is the better candidate but if he doesn't get into it we'll may never know.

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