Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Why can't a city obey its own ordinance?

This morning a Kenosha city tractor was efficiently removing snow from a sidewalk in the 5500 block of 22nd Avenue when all of the sudden it deposited some of the snow right on 56th Street creating a potential traffic hazard.

The city bellyaches when a homeowner using a snowblower tries to open up a driveway shut by the actions of a city plow if the snow is blown back into the road but the same ordinance doesn't seem to apply to the city itself.

Shame, shame.

And, of course, the performance with Monday's storm was poor in the city and not all that great in Pleasant Prairie which seems to be slipping in snow and ice removal. The city gets an "F" on this one and Pleasant Prairie a "D" (there were several village streets still covered with some snow and ice as of last night and yesterday morning they were only marginally better than the city which usually isn't the case).


Village People said...

A D for Village? OHHHHH, better be careful! It was pretty windy last night so drifting may have recovered any plowed roads. I know salt supplies are running low in some areas but don't know if Village is specifically affected. Could be due to budget and overtime issues too. I notice they don't plow the streets out wide like they used to do.

RAG said...

The D was earned before the wind kicked up. They can't be perfect all the time but the last couple of storms the performance has been slipping.