Sunday, January 6, 2008

When the going gets tough -- the smart people get the Hell off the freeway!

A 100 car pileup in thick fog on Interstate 90 outside of Madison Sunday left two dead and over 50 people hurt.

The chain reaction mess actually was two separate events -- one on the eastbound side and the other on the westbound side.

Folks, when the weather is bad, the WORST place to be is on the freeway. All it takes is one person to spin out and the potential for others to get involved is tremendous.

In bad weather, slow down and always have an exit strategy, something you can't always do when surrounded by speeding idiots. There are times when making it home alive is more important than on time. Sunday was one of them.

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Village People said...

Living in an area years ago that was prone to whiteouts, just trying to get off the highway is an adventure as they hit so suddenly. Many a time I followed a car hoping they wouldn't go off the road before we found an exit. Maybe a better warning system along the interstates for such situations when fog comes up quickly would help so that drivers in clear areas know what is coming and can stop ro get off highway beforehand.