Friday, January 18, 2008

What's behind the silly buzz words?

Sometimes I think people don't stop to think before coming up with their campaign slogans.

Take Pat Moran who is running for mayor in Kenosha. His slogan is: "A new direction."

Now that's very interesting.

First, Moran was mayor from 1988-92 and did a decent job before he voluntarily hung up his spurs and left public life. I don't doubt that some of the present successes got their start with initiatives he endorsed nearly 20 years ago.

So, then, what is the new direction?

The present direction set by lame duck John Antaramian has been, with the exception of an occasional blunder, noteworthy. A smart candidate would seek to build on those successes, not make some vague banality about changing course.

The greatest fear of "a new direction" is that it may point in the direction of the "no-shas" -- the very anti-progress people Moran once eschewed.

On the other hand, Keith Bosman, Mr. Lack-of-Excitement, seems to want to rest on the present mayor's laurels. It's difficult to ascertain what his vision really is and challenger Everett Butler -- the only other candidate seriously qualified to be mayor -- is even more fuzzy.

These candidates owe Kenosha voters more than just silly slogans and vague generalities.

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