Thursday, January 17, 2008

Say it ain't so, Pat!

Pat Moran, Kenosha's erstwhile mayor seeking to get his old job back, apparently turned a few heads by suggesting that he had something to do with the Abbott Laboratories and U-Line expansions projects in Pleasant Prairie.

Certainly Moran wasn't devoid of accomplishments as mayor but claiming vicarious credit for these projects because he acquiesced to Pleasant Prairie's incorporation as a village is a bit of a stretch -- kind of like Native Americans claiming credit for Wall Street because they sold Manhattan for $24.

Moran needs to focus more on what his vision is for Kenosha today and into the future -- not what it was 20 years ago. He promises "a new direction" but hasn't defined what that is other than not spending money on more museums.

This is not to take away from the accomplishments of 1988-92 when Moran was Kenosha's mayor but merely illustrates that these are things in the past. The city has moved on a great deal since then and Moran is fuzzy about the specifics of his vision for the future.

Also troubling is Moran's absence from city hall for 16 years. While he dabbled in running his own business and then returned to teaching, Moran has been noticeably uninvolved prior to this campaign. His supporters include a bunch of folks with axes to grind against the present mayor.

The city limits -- literally -- begin at the end of my driveway and thus I'm concerned about turning the clock backward. Moran promises a new direction but it's unclear whether that direction is forward.


peteydachef said...

Let me first say, I enjoy reading your blog on a regular basis, and agree with nearly all points made. However, having attended every forum held in this race, and many, many other political functions for several of the candidates, I sincerely believe Moran is the man for the job. His new direction is in reference to stopping the frivolous spending currently happening in our city. It sickens me that the annual museum budget is greater than the budget for street repairs! He also wants to stop abusing TIF districts like our current administration is doing. They are robbing Peter to pay Paul, and it will catch up to the taxpayers in the end, not the administrators. I could go on, but I will show restraint. Keep up the good blog!

RAG said...

Thanks, Pete.

My concern with Pat is quite real. I've read his stuff over and over and it comes out as one negative sound byte with no substance. (By the way, if he were sitting next to me this moment I'd tell him that -- and he knows it.)

The Democrats on a national level tout health care and education but when Bill Clinton was president and had a Democrat majority in Congress nothing was done about that. The Republicans promised less spending and less government yet have run up record defecits and given us more governmental intrusion in our lives.

So savvy voters are fed up with buzz words and sound bytes. But, if it's zinger that's wanted, here's one from my late mother: "You have to spend money to make money."