Thursday, January 17, 2008

Pleasant Prairie Village Cafe -- a great opportunity

Tonight's Pleasant Prairie Village Cafe -- kind of a town meeting to discuss the proposed "Village Green" project -- was well attended and a great opportunity for people to come together in a collegial environment.

Local politics being what they are opportunities like this help bring people together who otherwise don't always see eye-to-eye. It's not just Pleasant Prairie -- other communities could benefit from this approach.

Breaking bread together isn't conventional for local governments but who says "conventional" is the best way to get things done?


Village People said...

Everyone should also attend the County Cafe's too as they are the driver for the more local cafes (I have been to two so far). I thought the cafe for the Village downtown was a great idea but I think the attendees weren't all that pleased with the concepts presented last night. Will be interesting to see what is presented at next cafe as there is supposed to be much mroe detail. I still feel that the retention ponds should be move across the street to the area south of Village hall and north of 165. Frees up mroe land for green space and development. Still can have a pond or water feature but wouldn't be restricted by CWU and stormwater retention requirements. Perhaps something similar to new proposed development on Sheridan Road where they are proposing a large overflow detention pond across from the development east of Sheridan Road on Village land.

RAG said...

Plan C had a lot more interest but I can't say people weren't all that pleased with any of the plans.

No plan will please everyone. I appreciate the fact that input was solicited.