Sunday, January 13, 2008

Original editorial?

Today's Kenosha News editorial is about how us baby boomers over 50 years old are being exempted from the new secure driver's license fiasco.

Check it out here.

Then check this out. Seems that the editorial is actually a "canned" commentary from the Scripps-Howard News Service.

Interesting editorial but hardly original material.


Anonymous said...

What is YOUR problem?!

RAG said...

MY problem is that the editorial isn't the product of the Kenosha News but taken, without attribution, from another source.

They did it again today.

I have no problem is they want to run a column written by Dale McFeatters of Scripps-Howard News Service. They have a number of syndicated columnists which they already identify as such. But here it looks like taking someone else's work and taking credit for it when it comes from another source which is not identified.