Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Obama: A crass act (just like his party)

Not only does rookie Illinois Senator Barack Obama lack the experience to be president, he demonstrated extreme crassness in the wake of the Florida primary vote which was overwhelmingly (50%) in favor of Hillary Rodham Clinton.

Obama's campaign today blew off the Florida voters, calling the results "meaningless."

Wow. What a way to ingratiate yourself to Florida voters.

The Obama team is obviously referring to the Democratic National Committee which refuses to recognize the results of the Florida primary because it was held before Feb. 5. Same thing for Michigan which means that the DNC won't recognize delegations from those two states.

The problem is that the DNC permitted delegates from four states (Iowa, New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina) chosen before Feb. 5 so there's an utter lack of consistency here. But then we should remember that the DNC also attacked Wisconsin's "open" presidential primary.

The dysfunction between democracy and the Democratic party may come to a head at the party's August convention in Denver when some Democrats with enough smarts to figure out there's a problem here will undoubtedly attempt to seat the Florida and Michigan delagations.

Telling Florida and Michigan voters their votes are "meaningless" is a crass act which is just what you expect from Obama and the Democrats. It's also stupid because in November these votes won't be meaningless and voters are perfectly free to choose a candidate who didn't insult them.

By the way, blogger Kathy Carpenter aptly congratulated Senator Clinton for being in Florida last night to thank voters as opposed to Obama who blew off the state.

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