Tuesday, January 8, 2008

New Hampshire voters: Don't count Hillary out -- yet.

It looks like Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton's train may not have derailed after all.

Things didn't look so good after the Iowa Democratic Caucus vote gave upstart Sen. Barack Obama a commanding lead but it's neck-and-neck in New Hampshire where the vote spread has been a constant 40% Clinton to 36% Obama from when the first returns started coming in to now with 26% of the precincts reporting.

Hard to know what to make of this. Maybe it's New Hampshire's way of enforcing a little humility on Sen. Obama but only time will tell.

UPDATE: With 43% of the precincts in, the gap has narrowed: Clinton 39%, Obama 37%. This is getting interesting.

AND IN THE END: That's how it went down. Obama's head must be spinning wondering what happened. If it was, it didn't show as his speech tonight can be characterized in one word: cocky. Slut a wheezeball!

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