Wednesday, January 23, 2008

McCain isn't conservative? What kind of crack are you smoking?

Well, the Shiite wing of the Republican party is at it again -- bashing Arizona Senator John McCain by claiming he isn't a conservative.

Excuse me, but what are these wackos smoking?

The American Conservative Union -- hardly a liberal think tank -- gives McCain a solid 83 rating (versus 9 for Hillary Rodham Clinton and 8 for Barack Obama). That puts McCain more conservative than, say, Congressman Tom Petri (76.6) and a bit less than Jim Senssenbrenner (88).

(Incidentally, Mark Green and Paul Ryan received higher ratings than Sensenbrenner!)

McCain is also rated higher than Senators John Warner of Virginia (80), Arlen Specter of Pennsylvania (44.7), Pete Domenici of New Mexico (74.3), Tad Cochran of Mississippi (80.3), Norm Coleman of Minnesota (75.3), Olympia Snowe (49.9) and Susan Collins (53.9) of Maine, Dick Lugar of Indiana (78.6) and Ted Stevens (64.5) and Lisa Murkowski (74.6) of Alaska. He's also pretty much neck and neck with Iowa's Chuck Grassley.

Time for these whining cry babies to stop being so stupid, shut up and ask whether they want ideological purity or a chance at victory?

Oh, and McCain ranks an "A" from the American Taxpayers Union when it comes to being fiscally responsible (11th out of 100 senators) and 95% from the Council of Citizens Against Government Waste.


steveegg said...

You almost had me up until you mentioned that McCain is right there with Grassley. I wouldn't call Grassley conservative either.

The key is where a person differs, not from the ACU or the ATU, but from "me" (no, I'm not narcisstic; I trust my views more than those of the ACU, the ATU or anybody else, and I'll declare as nuts anybody else who trusts my views more than his or her own), and the reasoning behind said difference. McCain fails both halves of that in my humble opinion.

Anonymous said...

Nine times better than Hillary and ten timbes better than Obama isn't good enough, Steve? Must have inhaled too much in college.

Dean said...

McCain's lifetime rating is pretty close to Fred Thompson's lifetime rating (86%).

RAG said...

I think McCain-Thompson could be quite a ticket!