Thursday, January 10, 2008


Don't laugh -- it's a great ticket.

With John McCain there's experience and competence. Plus he comes from the southwest and is a Main Street Republican.

Huckabee is more conservative, appeals to religious conservatives and is from the south. Put the two together and the Republicans could have a viable ticket in the fall.

But that's only if Republican voters want to win.

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Chuck said...

Agree. I think McCain/Huck could be a winning ticket. The only area where I disagree would be illegal immigration...and I think as long as John sticks to the secure the border first pledge, the shaping of the solution will involve a discourse and will not be shoved down our throats. Being on the campaign trail has opened McCain's mind to other solutions. I just can't bear the thought of either Hillary or Obama winning. They would both be diasterous. We need a president and CIC, not just a president. McCain is the only candidate that has the resume to be Commander-in-Chief.