Tuesday, January 22, 2008

Is McCain too old?

Leave it to Mike Huckabee huckster Chuck Norris to plant the seed/ask the question of whether John McCain is too old to be president.

Yes, McCain is not a spring chicken. But he's hardly graveyard material. (In fact, I just saw a picture of Alaska Senator Ted Stevens, a spry 83-year-old, riding an all terrain vehicle in his home state.)

Mike Huckabee did a little dance to distance himself from Norris' cheap shot but he really owes McCain -- and the Republican party -- an apology for violating Ronald Regan's so-called Eleventh Commandment ("Thou shall not not speak ill of a fellow Republican"). Norris needs to be muzzled and kicked square in the butt. Slut a wheezeball!

There is a shred of validity to the question in the sense that maybe McCain would only be a one-term president. If so, then a strong concern would be who is his running mate?

I think conservatives and the nation would probably do well with either Huckabee or Fred Thompson, both of whom would add additional conservative status to the ticket and appeal to southern voters.

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