Saturday, January 26, 2008

Is the Hillary train derailing?

Senator Hillary Rodham Clinton could be excused if she took Sunday off to nurse a headache.

The Democratic presidential hopeful got another setback in the quest for her party's nomination when rookie Senator Barack Obama of Illinois garnered 55% of the South Carolina primary vote. Clinton only scored 27%.

The increasingly feisty Mrs. Clinton got a taste of her own medicine as a Friday USA Today editorial suggested that using her husband as her attack dog is wearing thin and giving voters more reason to question his role should she get elected president.

And today Caroline Kennedy called Obama "a president like my father."

Even hippie-mayor-turned-blogger Paul Soglin chastised Mrs. Clinton for acting like she has a right to the nomination.

Paul's right even though I agree that Obama isn't qualified at this time to be president.

But then if they gave a test for the job, Dick Lugar would have been president a long time ago.

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