Monday, January 7, 2008

The force of nature

Kenoshans found out quickly today the primal force of nature as several tornadoes struck in the Town of Wheatland and on Kenosha's northeast side.

Several homes were damaged. So far, no word of serious injuries or fatalities.

For those of us spared from the wrath of these primal forces, a sign of relief and prayers for those who were not so lucky.

The fire department, law enforcement and rescue crews from throughout southeastern Wisconsin and northeastern Illinois also deserve our thanks and praise.

WLIP Radio did a fair job at best of informing the public. The warning was read but then we were back to Dr. Laura. Without a real news department, the radio station turned to employees to function as citizen journalists. Overall, I'd grade them a D.

Ironically, at times more information was available from the Kenosha News website. Today's newspaper has a very good front section on the storms.

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