Sunday, January 20, 2008

As South Carolina goes, so should the GOP

South Carolina Republicans answered the question the right way: Do you want ideological purity or a chance at victory?

The answer is John McCain, perhaps the only chance the Republicans have at winning the presidential election in November.

The right-wing Republicans are so hung up on sidetrack issues that they forget the lesson Bill Clinton taught us in 1992 when he stole pages from the GOP script and told the black Lesbian in a wheelchair faction of the Democratic party to shut up lest they lose the prize.

The pundits have been telling us for the last two months that only one candidate for president has what it takes to be commander-in-chief: John Mc Cain. As such Republicans would be smart to rally around McCain -- who proved the legitimacy of his campaign by taking South Carolina -- and focusing on who would make a good running mate. My picks would be either Mike Huckabee or Fred Thompson.

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Anonymous said...

I don't agree at all.

I think McCain is a disaster in the making (ala Bob Dole) and that he can not win. His debate performances have been lackluster and he is plain wrong on many crucial issues including immigration.

A race between a young and energetic Obama and a tired old John McCain would be no contest.

We need some new blood, someone with some energy and succesful executive experience not an entrenched Member of Congress
(for 25 years) who has more often been part of the problem rather than part of the solution.

The Dems are licking their chops at the thought of John McCain - we need Mit Romney.