Monday, December 10, 2007

A truckload of moose droppings...

...on Peter MacKay, Canada's defense minister, for not allowing care packages to be sent to "Any Canadian Forces Member" in Afghanistan.

More than 1,700 care packages collected in the Montreal area destined for Canadian troops in Afghanistan have been grounded after the military said they could not be sent overseas.

Citing security concerns and a lack of space on transport aircraft, the Canadian Forces has informed the members of the Royal Canadian Legion that they cannot accept the packages. Parcels must be addressed to a specific soldier, the military said.

Organizers are understandably devastated.

There comes a time when common sense and the humanitarian spirit should prevail.

Incidentally, one of the reasons cited for not allowing the packages was the cost.

Yeah, right. The Canadian government has a huge surplus. The bureaucratic geniuses that came up with this excrement obviously suffer from severe rectal-cranial inversion.

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