Sunday, December 9, 2007

"Tis the season to control junk mail

It starts in September or October when the first few holiday catalogs arrive. A month or so later it picks up to as many as six unsolicited catalogs in the mail each day.

And that's just catalogs.

There's also targeted mailings, postcards and a boatload of solicitations from various charities.

Most of this junk mail goes where junk should go: in the trash (or, where appropriate, the recycling bin).

This is not to suggest that I'm a Scrooge when it comes to supporting charities. To the contrary, I believe in supporting various charitable causes throughout the year. I prefer to do so as quietly as I can. But please forgive my consternation when I get an envelope and solicitation letter from the Shalom Center, a worthwhile organization that gets a quarterly donation. Why are they sending me this letter and envelope in December?

I used the Shalom Center by way of illustration and not limitation as there are many others who do the same thing and while I often write out additional checks to charities toward the end of the year I can pretty much guarantee any place that hits me up about now will find their letter tossed out.

I know all too well that charities depend on us to help them continue their good work but at some point enough is enough.

The same for those catalogs. (I love online shopping.)

There you have my rant. Now where did I leave that envelope for the Goodfellows?

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