Saturday, December 8, 2007

Soglin critics need to chill out

Paul Soglin, Madison's former hippie mayor, has been catching flak about his rant against moronic bicyclists who venture out during massive snowstorms.

Now it's true that I've suggested on occasion that Paul is so full of it that maybe he should be licensed as a sewage treatment plant. On the flip side, as mayor he was one of the best friends business ever had in Madison although his recent rants about cable competion are puzzling.

But I know that Paul does have a keen sense of humor (such as when after announcing he would not run for another term he showed up at a city council meeting wearing a duck costume and holding crutches because he was a "lame duck") which may not be appreciated by all.

Should bicyclists who venture out in nasty snowstorms be shot? I don't know. Maybe just run over by a Madison metro bus. Or forced to ride around Kenosha all day on a trolley.

But all of you who are giving Paul heat, lighten up. Otherwise, you're proving Lee Dreyfus' argument that Madison really is an isthmus surrounded by reality.

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