Wednesday, December 26, 2007

More nitwitness news

Today's Kenosha News carries a lengthy feature about how the mothers of two young men who were shot to death by police officers -- deaths ruled justifiable -- cope with their loss.

It's hard to pick a bone with a grieving mother but the facts in each case strongly support the findings that the shootings were justifiable. No ruling can ever replace a mother's loss.

The problem, though, is the one-sided journalism that has become an ever increasing hallmark of the local newspaper. As one reader asked this morning, "Where's the story about how the Fabiano family made it through Christmas without Frank?" (Referring to Deputy Sheriff Frank Fabiano, jr., who was gunned down in a traffic stop last May and is survived by his wife and young daughter.)

Good point.

The Bell and Combs families are entitled to their feelings but they've had plenty of media attention. Today's article, at best, is old news.

Then again, reporting (or rehashing) old news is another hallmark of the daily newspaper.


Anonymous said...

I could not agree more. The quality of the reporting in the News is both journalistically irresponsible in many cases and just plain lazy bad in others.

It's no surprise that the newspaper has an agenda, they all do but this one creates news stories that fit that agenda while ignoring those that do not.

I am looking forward to the day when the paper is sold and make no mistake about it, that day is coming. The majority of local newspapers today are owned by larger national media entities. Such a change would result in the News having to adhere to corporate wide journalistic standards and oversight. This would be a welcome change from the current anything goes additude and very little editorial oversight by the current ownership.

Local ownership is generally a good thing, but in this case I would welcome some responsible corporate oversight in order to reign in an out of control agenda driven editorial staff.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of the local newspaper, has anyone else had trouble logging on to thier online version? It seems to have dissappeared at least for the moment anyway.