Sunday, December 9, 2007

High schooler's prank doesn't amuse paranoid White House

A 16-year-old high school student in Iceland decided to play a telephone prank and called the White House pretending to be Iceland's president.

The boy, who said he just wanted to talk to President Bush and invite him to Iceland, dialed up one of the Oval Office's private line. He said he eventually got through to Bush's secretary who said that Bush wasn't available but would try to arrange a return call to Iceland's "president."

The humorless White House reached out to Icelandic police who brought the boy down to the police station for several hours of question about how he acquired the private number. The boy, who says he can't remember, was eventually released without charges.

"Hello, do you have Prince Dubya in a can?"

The White House needs to get a life. Sheesh.

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Peter said...

Sorry, but I don't think that's funny either. The punk got a scare which he deserved and I'll bet he won't do that again. And the possibility of a chat with the police should discourage copycats.