Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Good news from Pleasant Prairie

The potential Abbott development in Pleasant Prairie moved a lot closer to fruition with action tonight by the Pleasant Prairie Community Development Authority, Plan Commission and Village Board.

While much work remains to be done, it looks as if some of the preliminary work will be underway in 2008. The plans so far are a somewhat open to allow for development of ancillary businesses.

This is very good news for the village and a salute to the planning staff. While development specifics are still in the works, any development along the lines of what is possible there will be significant.

The board also wisely injected common sense into the great snowblower debate. If it snows and has to removed at night, village residents won't have to worry about running afoul of the village noise ordinance unless they do something really obnoxious or boneheaded. That's a smart decision and should signal to the few crybabies out there that they should get a life.

Another good move came from Trustee Mike Serpe who suggested that in the coming year the village would be open to mending fences with the Kenosha News. Relations between the village board and the newspaper have been icy since a story inaccurately hinted that trustees may have violated the Open Meetings Law by being in their common office minutes before a village board meeting.

Hopefully the audio recording from tonight's meeting will be on the village website soon. Unfortunately, village residents won't be able to watch the board meeting on YouTube as citizen journalist Alex Tiahnybok, who has been taping board meetings and putting the recordings up on YouTube, was not present.


Anonymous said...

Possibly the biggest event for this region took place tonight and Alex doesn't show up to videotape.
Coincidence? I think NOT! Remember, Alex is the one who was against the development of a TID and thinks the debt that goes with it is a sin. The TID & the debt was investment in the village's future and it a wise investment. I think Alex was at home pouting.
If it's not on his self serving agenda - IT'S NOT IMPORTANT!
Mr. Reliable he's not.

Anonymous said...

The meeting was scheduled on one day's notice so it's possible that Alex wasn't able to be there.

Anonymous said...

Ah, more Monday morning quarterbacks. Just because it is proposed, doesn't mean it will happen. Lighthouse Pointe anyone? BFUII also didn't follow as planned so who knows what will happen before, or if, anything ever comes of fruition. Investment is important but like the commercial says, you need to make real money, so if nothing happens, what a colossal waste. As far as Citizen journalist comments, don't meetings need to appear in Kenosha News and other outlets more than one day in advance? Mr. Reliable? Who's missed more meetings already than Trustee Tiahynbok did in his two-year term? I'm surpirised the moderator hasn't made comments on the above inaccuracies. Besides, why should a citizen have to tape these meetings? I'm sure Mr. Coincidence was at the meeting too....

RAG said...

The Wednesday night meeting was actually posted in accord with the Open Meetings Law. The meeting notice must be given to registered news media outlets but those outlets are not required to further diseminate that information.

Alex Tiahnybok voluntarily tapes the meetings and puts them up on YouTube. He may or may not have known about this one. Nonetheless he does not "have" to tape the meetings although he did vow on his website to do so.