Friday, December 28, 2007

Did bin Laden shoot himself in the foot?

The Pakistani government says it has evidence that al-Qaeda and the Taliban were responsible for the assassination of former Prime Minister Benasir Bhutto, claiming it intercepted an al-Qaeda leader's message of congratulation for the assassination.

If so, Osama bin Laden may have finally tripped. As the former prime minister pointed out, assauting a woman is an affront to Islam. If that holds true with her murder, then one can only wonder if this would prompt a backlash from Islamic fundamentalists.

The assassination further shows how volatile the Middle East truly is.


Anonymous said...

Islamists are not at all adverse to assualting women.

If you recall, the Taliban would routinely beat women in public for infractions such as walking too close to thier husbands.

Anonymous said...

The Iranians beat women who don't completely cover-up in public and an Arab woman can be jailed for being with another male in public who is not her husband or family male relative or for driving a car.

My problem is, why can't we catch the SOB Bin Slobin?