Thursday, December 20, 2007

A couple of decades late

The Milwaukee County Board voted 16-3 today to completely ban smoking Mitchell Fieldl Airport and the Milwaukee County Courthouse. The three opponents were chairman Lee Holloway and supervisors Toni Clark and ,Peggy West, the wheezeball who won our November Darwin award.

Clark and West said the airport restrictions might hurt business at the airport although no credible evidence supported their claims. (All of the airports within a three-hour drive of Milwaukee are smoke-free.)

Smoking lounges at the airport and the courthouse cafeteria will be closed and lighting up outdoors within 30 feet of all entrances and exits at the airport and all county buildings will be outlawed. The ban also applies to smoking in county-owned vehicles.

The tougher ban was proposed by County Executive Scott Walker, hardly a fan of more government intervention. But sometimes a poilitician has to do what's right -- a point lost on Holloway, Clark and West. Slut a bunch of wheezeballs!

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