Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Breaking news: Major action anticipated on proposed Abbott development in Pleasant Prairie

The Pleasant Prairie village website is abuzz with tidbits about moving forward with the massive Abbott development at a special village board meeting to be held at 6:30 tonight:

The special village board meeting will follow a 4:00 p.m. Community Development Authority meeting.

Although the meeting notice and website post doesn't mention Abbott, it's a good bet that's what the notice pertains to. If so, it's great news for the village.

Also on the agenda for the special village board meeting will be the tabled amendment to the village noise ordinance relating to snowblowers. Hopefully common sense will prevail.

What a great holiday event for the village. I'm looking forward to being there. If you can't make it, I'm sure it'll be videotaped for later viewing on YouTube or the audio put up on the village website.

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Anonymous said...

I sure hope that Abbott builds here but I'm not holding my breath as they told Libertyville same thing over 10 years ago.