Friday, November 30, 2007

Wanted: A vision for Kenosha

The Kenosha News -- apparently mirroring comments made here some three weeks ago -- editorially suggests that the folks who want a shot at being Kenosha's next mayor need to do more to define and demonstrate their vision for the city:

It's one thing to complain about particular projects not being done or being done wrong; it's something else - and something a lot more valuable - to give city residents a sense of what the city ought to be and how the mayor can help realize that vision.After 16 years with John Antaramian in the mayor's office, the city of Kenosha is at a turning point. The candidates who want to succeed him need to give the voters in the city an idea of what success might look like.

That's a great idea, of course. So far we've seen a lot of generalities but little substance. While overall that seems unfortunate, in ambivalence there is a nonetheless a measure of value as voters ponder how anyone who can't come up with a plausible vision for the city has the qualifications to be mayor. This is important stuff, not something that should either be concealed or made up on the fly.

And, should any of the gang of six candidates articulate a vision for the city's future, the response hopefully will include some thought on how the city will interface with its metropolitan neighbors. The city isn't an island -- yet.

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