Friday, November 9, 2007

Village board on You Tube? Say it ain't so!

Former Pleasant Prairie village trustee Alex Tiahnybok lamented earlier this week that village board meetings aren't televised and vowed that he'd get some friends to videotape them and broadcast them on You Tube.


I can't envision how many people will seize the opportunity to go to You Tube to watch and listen to the village board.

That doesn't mean I'm unsympathetic to the notion of broadcasting board meetings. After all, city residents can watch and listen to the city council and they pay the same on their cable bills.

Of course, while Alex regularly tossed out the idea of televising village board meetings, he never turned that into a formal motion when he was on the board.

There's a division of opinion on whether board meetings should be broadcast. For example, Trustee Mike Serpe believes that if it's done, it should be done properly and not with just one camera set up in the back of the auditorium as Alex once suggested.

Others worry about more grandstanding if meetings are televised.

And then there's the cost factor.

For what it's worth, I think there's an intermediate solution.

How about "webcasting" live audio of the board meetings on the village web site?

It's cheaper, easier and less likely to promote grandstanding.

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Anonymous said...

The taping will only work if there is a way to also show the presentations during the meetings and the sound recording is impecable. I think one camera is fine in back because then you don't get one person always being taped leading to bias. Might also do a little McCarthism on staff, Board and even Citizens giving comments. Taping would have been interesting at the last VB meeting when Monica Yuhas asked about signs in Spanish. At the very least, it would be another way to make sure meeting minutes are correct.