Sunday, November 11, 2007

Sgt. Larsen is correct; Cy Costabile is right.

Furniture store clerk and well-known local musician Cy Costabile didn't cave in when a gun-toting robber held up his store in broad daylight.

Costabile kicked the snot out of the dirtbag who made off with a little money and a few reminders of his altercation.

Costabile made a trip to the emergency room to treat his wounds and Sgt. Eric Larsen of the Kenosha Police Department correctly notes that when confronted with a robber, resistance isn't the recommended strategy.

Sgt. Larsen is correct but Cy Costabile is right.

All too often we cave in to the criminals -- and this includes many police officers who are reluctant to use the force the law entitles them to use for fear of a public outcry. Consequently, sometimes altercations with officers are prolonged because they failed to take control of the situation earlier. Plus, when officers are afraid to use the force they're entitled to use, many citizens freak out when an officer rightly does.

At the end of the day the message should be that if you don't want to get hurt or blown away, don't commit crimes because getting injured or killed is an occupational hazard. Don't like to hear that? Too bad.

One thing's for certain: had Cy Costabile lawfully cancelled the ticket of this well-deserving perp, he should have been given the key to the city.

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