Tuesday, November 6, 2007

A proposed devleopment hits a snag

The Pleasant Prairie Village Board last night tabled approval of plans by local developer Steve Mills to built 28 condominum units on the site of a rundown strip mall across from St. Therese Catholic Church.

Mills wants to build four seven-unit buildings on the site which will need over $700,000 in environmental remediation thanks to a dry cleaning business that was once located there.

The snag came when Mills suggested that he'd like relief from a village requirement that no more than 20% of the units can be rented out as opposed to sold as condominiums.

That was enough to set off some alarms on the board and in the audience because apparently the 20% ceiling was part of the consideration when a planning group endorsed the project.

Mills is correct, of course, when he says that extraneous factors could force more than 20% of the project to be rented -- at least temporarily -- but that's really shouldn't cause the board to budge as long as it's willing to work with Mills should than problem arise. In that way the board can stick to its guns and be flexible at the same time.

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Village People said...

I think the Village and residents have been more than flexible on this issue. He's getting a chance to make $$$'s and he has the gall to ask for more. There was even mention of grant money to help out with some of his required water connections. The Village needs to stop changing the rules, or breaking the rules, to help developers. Current residents don't get the same considerations and opens the Village to legal attacks.