Thursday, November 8, 2007

Late -- but there

The Kenosha News today carried a story about honors presented to Officer Peter Jung and Lt. Mark Hunter of the Pleasant Prairie Police Department.

Cold this be an "olive branch" in the cold war between the village and the newspaper?


Village People said...

The Kenosha News usually spreads out the stories over the week from Villaeg Board meetings. Today they discuss the Pleasant Prairie Cafe for the proposed downtown. I've noticed this pattern lately. I don't think the KNews feels they need to 'reach out' to anyone. But if they are, great. One just has to remember it is a two way street.

Anonymous said...

Journalistically they don't do well to spread things out. This is a daily, not a weekly, newspaper.

Their reporter leaves before the end of the meeting and often misses a lot. The newspaper would do well to invest in some current technology where he can write his story on a laptop and transmit it to the newspaper office.