Wednesday, November 7, 2007

How to ruin a blog

With great reluctance I've had to enable comment moderation which means that I must read and approve each comment before it gets posted here.

This is sad because lively but above board discussion is indeed welcome.

Personal attacks and cheap shots are not.

Last night some coward posted a cheap shot aimed at Bob Babcock, jr. It was deleted.

I don't agree with all that Bob said but he did so respectfully and had the courage and integrity to sign his name (unlike the cheap shot coward).


Mike Renner said...

You'll always have chesp shot cowards. The explosion of the internet has allowed the increased annominity of people to post how they feel with little or no cnsequences. Look at the KNews and VOP/Call in quotes. I'm sure the cheap shot coward has been attending Village Board meetings on a regular basis, correct? Not likely. But Bob and his dad have. I may not agree with this BLO, or any bloggers comments but we all have a right to be heard. That's why Citizen Comments are important at meetings. I too give kudos to Bob for signing his name.

RAG said...

It really is a pain to have to moderate comments but some folks just want to fire off a cheap shot with no substance. Not going to happen here.