Thursday, November 1, 2007

Here's why Dubya is a sack of moose droppings

President Bush's nomination of Michaek Mukasey may get sidetracked in the Senate Judiciary Committee over Mukasey's refusal to label "waterboarding" -- simulated drowning as a means of coercive interrogation -- as torture.

Of course, partisanship is rearing its ugly head -- that's a given -- but Bush's own comments are utterly bizarre.

To illustrate this, let's the this line from tonight's AP story: "Without saying whether interrogators use waterboarding, Bush said, 'The American people must know that whatever techniques we use are within the law.'"

So far, Dubya says he won't say if waterboarding is used but claims that the methods used are within the law. Now catch this: "Asked if he considers waterboarding legal, Bush replied: 'I'm not going to talk about techniques. There's an enemy out there.'"

So Dubya says we follow the law but then won't say if waterboarding is legal. Then he reminds us that we have an enemy.

Geez, I bet if Dubya doesn't know about waterboarding, our enemies do.


Dad29 said...

As you know, Congress has the power to make waterboarding ILLEGAL.

They haven't done so, even with their (D) majorities in both houses.

Write a letter!!

Peter said...

I have absolutely no problem with waterboarding jihadists. Who cares what happens to them? No one should. They behead our captives.