Thursday, November 29, 2007

Exciting game but (gulp) Dallas deserved to win

Both the Packers and Cowboys had great seasons going into tonight's nail-biter but Dallas deserved to win the hard-fought game -- "hard-fought" being the operative description.

Clearly Dallas' offensive line outgunned the Packers' defense and Brett Favre being injured during the game is a testament to how aggressive Dallas was.

Burlington's Tony Romo fired like a machine gun for the Cowboys but his performance, while ultimately the prevailing one, was frequently overshadowed by Green Bay's backup quarterback, Aaron Rodgers, who came off the bench to deliver a surprisingly solid performance while under the watchful eyes of the injured Favre.

At the end of the day, however, Dallas had the stronger and more consistent performance and that's what was needed to defeat the Packers.

Nonetheless Green Bay had some bright moments and one must necessarily wonder how Rodgers would have performed with a little more actual game experience.

I've long argued that Brett Favre is Green Bay's most precious asset and yet the Packers organization clearly doesn't do enough to protect him or their investment.

Coach Mike McCarthy predicts a bright future for Rodgers but you also have to wonder whether a quarterback as solid as the young Romo will go on to become the NFL's next Brett Favre.

Stay tuned.

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Village People said...

The better team won. We were outclassed on offense and defense. Opportunities were there but the Packers were unable to capitalize. I've watched all the games and said to friends if they can'ty pressure the quarterback, they'll not make it through the playoffs. Bigby is a liability and Packers should be looking for a trade.