Wednesday, November 7, 2007

Bear hugs and moose droppings

Bear hugs to the Somers Fire and Rescue Association for donating the funds for a thermal imaging camera for the Fire Department.

Bear hugs to Kenosha attorney Katherine Lingle who wrote urging consideration of alternatives to help troubled young people turn their lives around. The criminal and juvenile justice systems shouldn't be the only vehicles to solve a community's problems. One caution, though. Any program must include early intervention and absolute accountability as its components or it's a waste of time and money.

Bear hugs to Pleasant Prairie village trustees Monica Yuhas and Clyde Allen for sticking to their guns when a condominium developer tried to get the board to weaken a requirement that no more than 20% of the 28 units can be rented out. The developer has a point that circumstances could change but if that's the case he should be able to go back to the board and make his case.

Moose droppings to former Kenosha County Medical Examiner Maureen Lavin who appears to be ducking a subpoena to testify in the Mark Jensen murder trial. Getting a material witness warrant issued for you won't look good on a resume. And, by the way, what's with moving the Jensen trial to Elkhorn? The original idea was to have it (or the jury panel) from a place outside the Milwaukee media market. Oh well, hope the folks behind that idea like eating pizza slices from Casey's and the fine cuisine of McDonald's and Burger King. (Local hint: there's a nice bakery on the north side of Elkhorn.)

Moose droppings for those Kenosha County residents who stayed home or otherwise kept silent about the county's proposed 3.95% property tax increase. Maybe speaking out wouldn't have done any good but like one of my favorite specialty ties says: "Didn't vote? Don't bitch."

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