Monday, November 19, 2007

Alex Tiahnybok: Citizen Journalist

Former Pleasant Prairie village trustee Alex Tiahnybok made good on his promise to start recording village board meetings.

Alex came to tonight's board meeting with a video camera and tripod which he placed at the side of the room. He plans to put the recordings on You Tube at

I'm eager to watch the first recording if only to see which is right:

a. Alex;s claim that you can successfully record and broadcast a meeting with a single camera in the room.

b. Others who say that if meetings are going to be recorded and broadcast they should be done right with high quality video and audio.

Perhaps both are correct. My take is that Leno and Letterman have nothing to fear as there won't likely be a deluge of viewers flocking to watch the village board on You Tube.

Nonetheless, it'll be interesting to see how well Alex's initial foray into the world of citizen journalism turns out. If recording and broadcasting meetings has merit, then perhaps some mechanism can be found to do so with higher quality and at minimal cost.


Anonymous said...

I guess it shouldn't be much different than Clyde Allen's broadcast to those in attendance. Perhaps Village will put that on their website for those of us who couldn't attend? Perhaps one doesn't really need to understand the budget if the Board just keeps approving maximum increases. The previous Trustees could have easily done same.

Anonymous said...

Clyde's video was pretty boring and he looked awfully uncomfortable but take was insightful but way too long!

There really wasn't much of an answer from Pollocoff to the question about how the $2million+ that the village plans to borrow will be repaid.

Anonymous said...

YOUTUBE now has the first parts of the board meeting video online

RAG said...

The audio wasn't quite as bad as I thought it would be but some of the video was painful. A level on the camera would probably help.

Alex Tiahnybok said...

Hey it's YOU TUBE. The acquisition tape quality is MUCH better, but had to be downgraded in order to make the file size and format compatible with YOU TUBE.
As I have harped about for a couple of years, this should be on the GOVT ACCESS CHANNEL - that is part of the reason why PEG access agreements exist with cable cos.