Friday, October 19, 2007

Why not repeal the driver's license law?

Yes, why do we even bother having a law requiring motorists to have driver's licenses when so many morons just ignore it?

Take Octavis D. Murray. He was driving a car on Interstate 94 in Kenosha County Wednesday that was stopped because the license plates expired. He gave a false name to the officer because there were three warrants for him in Milwaukee County for drving after revocation of his driving privileges. But that's not the half of it.

Murray not only had three pending cases for which he failed to show up at scheduled court hearings but has TEN PRIOR CONVICTIONS for driving after revocation. Ten.

Yet, the Milwaukee County courts let this mope out on his recognizance in his pending cases there.

The ten convictions for driving after revocation are just part of an overall criminal history that is so big it almost occupies its own ZIP CODE: drunken driving, possession of marijuana with intent to deliver (twice), possession of marijuana (twice), bail jumping, operating a motor vehicle without the owner's consent, substantial battery and theft.

Instead of driving a car with expired license plates, this public enemy -- and he's on the lower end of some of the criminals in southeastern Wisconsin -- should be making license plates. But he gets a signature bond in Milwaukee County and then only a token cash bond when he appeared in court in Kenosha yesterday.

No wonder why so many young people lack respect for the law.

Just remember that when you get upset about the Octavius Murrays of this state you should also become alarmed at the people who enable them to rack up so many convictions with nary a slap on the wrist.

Maybe if we start rapping some of these dirtbags harder when they first enter the criminal justice system we won't see as many with records like this creep.

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Glenn D. Frankovis said...

Or maybe we just establish laws that allow for the confiscation of cars after a certain number of convictions.