Saturday, October 13, 2007

If you think OUR bureaucracy is out of control, catch THIS...

Greetings from the Canadian Rockies where not all the loons are on dollar coins

Canadian Tire, a well known Canadian retailer, wants to build a store in Canmore, Alberta which would save Canmore residents an hour's drive (each way) to Calgary and the savings would be more than 80 minutes for those who live in nearby Banff.

The Canmore town bureaucrats have come up with a number of proposed obstacles but the latest one takes the cake.

Get your boots on folks, it's going to get deep.

The opponents latest beef is that Canadian Tire wants to sell...........AUTO PARTS!

Yes, these bureaucrats don't want Canadian Tire to sell auto parts in the proposed store.

I wonder if they tried to get McDonald's to not sell cheeseburgers...or Tim Horton's to skip the donuts???

Slut a bunch of wheezeballs!

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