Monday, October 22, 2007

How do you spell boondoggle? KRM!

Just when it seemed KRM is dead it looks like an attempt could be made to revive it. How dumb.

The reason I'm so vehement in opposing the proposed Kenosha-Racine-Milwaukee rail link is that it's a costly boondoggle -- and one that's a bad idea to boot. I've discussed that at length in the past and won't repeat everything here.

KRM isn't necessary. For better or worse, the state already helps fund Amtrak service from Chicago to Glenview, Sturtevant, Mitchell Field and downtown Milwaukee. All we need is a Kenosha station -- which Dairyland Greyhound Park promised to build -- and connecting bus service.

The other fallacy of KRM is that it's a downtown-to-downtown rail service. People need to get to their jobs and those jobs are increasingly not downtown.

In Kenosha's case, 30% of our county's workforce commutes to jobs in Illinois. More people work in Cook County, Illinois than in Milwaukee County. For Kenoshans, KRM is a waste.

This doesn't mean commuter rail service shouldn't be considered. A better idea would be to revive the old Milwaukee Road "Cannonball" from downtown Milwaukee into Waukesha County. Then folks who live in Milwaukee could get to jobs in Brookfield and Oconomowoc.

It makes no sense, though, to ante up for downtown-to-downtown KRM. It does make sense to force Dairyland Greyhold Park to make good on the promised Kenosha Amtrak station and to provide connecting bus service.

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Dad29 said...


"...people could get from Milwaukee to their jobs in Brookfield..."

Wrong-o, unless they want to walk at least 1 mile from the Brookfield RR tracks to their jobs.

There are almost ZERO light-industrial and almost ZERO professional/clerical entities in Brookfield within .5 miles of that RR line.

But it's pretty country for walking around in.