Thursday, October 11, 2007

Gov. Schwarzenegger takes up conservative cause: protecting children from secondhand smoke

California Gov. Arnold Schwarzenegger carried forward conservative tradition when he signed a law banning smoking in cars with child passengers under 18.

Arkansas and Louisiana already have similar laws but the cutoff age in Arkansas is six while it's 13 in Louisiana.

The new law takes effect on Jan. 1, 2008.

A Harvard School of Public Health report issued last year said secondhand smoke in cars can be up to 10 times more of a health risk than secondhand smoke in a home so it's understandable why such legislation is long overdue.

It's also interesting to see some so-called conservatives (CINO's is my buzz-word: conservatives in name only) give Arnie a bum rap for this. Protecting individual rights and freedoms is a core conservative value and intervention is thus justified. For example, conservatives strongly believe in protecting a child's right to life so supporting legislation consistent with that principle is well within traditional conservative values. On balance, restricting an adult's "right" (if one actually exists) to smoke in a vehicle carrying child passengers is but a momentary inconvenience versus the lifelong ramifications a child could bear by exposure to toxic secondhand smoke. Only liberals could find fault with this.

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Dad29 said...

If you believe the crap about "secondhand smoke," then you may as well join AlGore with GlobWarming.