Saturday, October 6, 2007

Bill Richardson's idea must be stopped

According to the Las Vegas Sun, New Mexico Gov. Bill Richardson, one of the flock of Democratic presidential hopefuls tagging behind apparent frontrunners Hillary Rodman Clinton and Barack Obama, says the way to ease the water woes in the west is to divert water from the Great Lakes.

This is big news in Las Vegas which could face a severe water shortage by 2010.

This should be even bigger news here.

Yes, we're picky about people trying to raid our water supply. After all, it's one of the few assets we have over those states that have been raiding people and jobs out of the so-called "rust belt."

Nearly 30 years ago Republican governors like Lee Sherman Dreyfus in Wisconsin and Michigan's Bill Milliken warned that midwestern states must band together to stop any plan to rob Great Lakes water. They were right then and even more so now.

The situation today is even more critical.

The Detroit News reports this week that there is growing concern over the decline of water levels in the Great Lakes. This is all the more reason that water-thieving scumbags like Bill Richardson must be turned off at the tap.


Zachary said...

I agree one hundred percent. I understand Bill Richardson's desire to pander to voters in Nevada, given how critical that state is going to be to his presidential campaign, but his comments really are indicative of how little regard some folks have for the delicate balance of nature. Sure, the Great Lakes seem to be an endless supply of fresh water that a lot of folks in places like Las Vegas would love to tap into, but as you mentioned, water levels on the Great Lakes have been dropping for years, and the last thing we need at this point is to start sending water out of the Great Lakes watershed.

Anonymous said...

Where does the water in the Great Lakes go? The Atlantic Ocean.

Richardson's idea is not new but it shows that he is thinking about all Americans.

RAG said...

Thinking about all Americans? Hardly.

More like thinking about his sunbelt base.

Zachary said...

RAG hit the nail on the head. Richardson's plan isn't about "all Americans;" it's about pandering for some votes in early primary states in the sunbelt.